Amazon's Business Model

Amazon - One Click   Amazon's Annual reports and proxies - Amazon's Annual reports and proxies

Amazon's corporate presentations - Amazon's corporate presentations

Amazon's Historical financials - Amazon's Historical financials

Amazon's Business Plan - A presentation mentioning elements of Amazon’s business strategy (slides 9-32), such as user-generated content, data-driven automation (e.g. product recommendation based on previous purchase data on presonalized profile pages), general advice for organizing e-commerce staff and the importance of design testing. Slides by Anil Kumar, IAAN School of Mass Communication (ISMC) New Delhi, India.

Jeff Bezos: Architect - A great book about the visionary founder of, Jeff Bezos - by Tom Robinson (2009)

The Economist's interiew with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos" - Taking the long view is a great interview explaining Jeff Bezos' vision on Amazon's business strategy and the business design thinking behind Amazon's successful products (Amazon Web Services, Kindle Fire, etc.) and failed products (Amazon Auctions, Amazon's collaborative encyclopaedia, etc.). It also mentions Amazon's long-term innovation thinking through the example of the 10000-year-clock. Great interview! (, March 2012)

Steven Levy's interview with Jeff Bezos @ WIRED Magazine (Jan 2012) - this is a great interview with Jeff Bezos, discussing Amazon's post-kindle challenges against Apple, the competition on the cloud hosting market, and many more current issues that shape Amazon's business model; by WIRED Magazine's Steven Levy; January 2012.

Revealing Business Treasures from the Amazon User Interface Engineering - probably the most insightful presentation on Amazon's user experience aspects, ever, talking about "the hidden secrets of Amazon, for designers"; by Jared M. Spool; 2011.

Wikipedia's freely editable articleWikipedia's freely editable article on Amazon's business model Wikipedia has a pretty thorough collection of facts and infos about the company (AMZN) and on Amazon's business model.

An Amazon Case Study - a classroom case study on Amazon's business model and Amazon's future business strategies by Elram Gavrieli, Open Computing Faculty, UC Berkeley

Dr. Rappa's Case Study - a case study on Amazon's business model by Prof. Rappa, (2004)

Amazon's Newer Business Model - Amazon's Newer Business Model, a CNET article by Gordon Haff (2007)

Amazon and Business model innovationAmazon and Business model innovation, a blog post by Josh Suskewicz (2006) based on the article "Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet," Business Week, November 13, 2006.

Amazon @ WikInvestWikInvest' freely editable article on Amazon's business, historical finances, business model (marketplace, platform), international expansion, risks and opportunities, and hot topics such as the long-term profit margin uncertainty, Amazon Kindle’s revenue model, Amazon Prime, Economies of scale, Amazon’s market share in China (, A9 and Clickriver, and other future business opportunities, with a list of further reading at the end.

Requester Pays: A New Amazon Business Model - Businesses using S3 can mark up data buckets so their transfer will be paid by data requesters instead of being paid by their owners as it is now. Used in conjunction with DevPay, the new model opens new business opportunities for companies willing to share their data with others. An InfoQ blog post by Abel Avram (2007)

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