This is a regularly updated section collecting links to websites of individuals doing academic research on Web-related topics.

Social Network Researchers

Danah Boyd - Danah Boyd's website
Jeffrey Heer - Jeffrey Heer's website
Marc Smith - Marc Smith, leader of Connected Action Consulting Group
Jennifer Golbeck - Jennifer Golbeck's website
Patrick Barry - Patrick Barry's website
Fred Stutzman - Fred Stutzman's website
Eric Gilbert - Eric Gilbert's website
Lada Adamic - Lada Adamic's website
Online Social Networks Research @ The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems - online social networks research at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Saarbrücken and Kaiserslautern, Germany. Links to publications, researchers, and available data sets.
Peter Druschel - Prof. Peter Druschel's faculty web page
Alan Mislove - Alan Mislove's faculty web page
Debra Lauterbach - Debra Lauterbach's research website
Paula Bialski - Paula Bialski's research page

Researchers of Web-based business models

Michael Rappa - Michael Rappa's website

Researchers of online marketing

Edit Banyai - Edit Banyai's website
Istvan Eszes - Isvan Eszes' website

Companies doing online social network research

FAS Research Vienna - FAS Research is an Austrian company specialized on social network research and social network analysis

People who know a lot about the Web

Tim Berners-Lee - Tim Berners-Lee, the Inventor of the World Wide Web
Hal R. Varian - Hal R. Varian, Chief Economist of Google, Professor at UC Berkeley
Seth Godin - Seth Godin
Kevin Kelly - Kevin Kelly

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