Academic sources on internet business models


PLOS - Public Library of Science - the PLOS - Public Library of Science includes not only providing unrestricted access to scientific research ideas and discoveries, but developing tools and materials to engage the interest and imagination of the public and helping non-scientists to understand and enjoy scientific discoveries and the scientific process. - a first-class source of the theory around internet business models by Prof. M. Rappa from the North Carolina State University

Digital Business at MIT - an extensive source for working papers from MIT

Scientific Literature Digital Library - Scientific Literature Digital Library

Scientific Commons - a Community for Scientific Information (BETA)

High Beam Research - High Beam Research is a comprehensive online library with over 80 million articles from 6500 publications. Students, researchers and professionals can use it to for Business trends, Financial news, and market research. - Research on Business models by Jaap Gordijn - a good source on current business models on the Web - The e3 Methodology website by Jaap Gordijn and Hans Akkermans; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Oxford Internet Institute - The Oxford Internet Institute research page listing current Web research projects at the University of Oxford

Internet Business model blogs and websites

The Business Model Alchemist - a blog on internet business design and innovation by Alexander Osterwalder, an Author, Speaker and Advisor on Business Model Innovation, based in Switzerland.
The Business Model Hub - the Number One Business Model Research Community - an online network of business model researchers, a platform to exchange ideas on business model innovation, business model design, founded by Alex Osterwalder. - is an Internet business models blog run by Web Business Consultancy Thaesis based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
The Business Model Community - a nice bunch of links to business model research-related websites and papers. - a blog on business model research, covering various subjects related to academic research of business models and real-life practitioners sharing their experience on business models.

Useful sites for PhD students and researchers

How to Write a Research Proposal - this online Research Proposal Guide is a useful source for writing a research proposal, supported by practical examples of research proposals, etc.
PhD Tips - a website full of tips for PhD applicants, PhD students and PhD candidates
PhD Workshop - The PhD Workshop Project (BETA)

Ideas on Business Model Research

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