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The Wikimedia Foundation 2010 Fundraising Report - The Wikimedia Foundation 2010 Fundraising Report

The Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report (PDF) - The Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report 2008

The Wikimedia Foundation - The Wikimedia Foundation website

Can Wikipedia be Neutral? - Can Wikipedia be Neutral? A post by Jeff DeChambeau in the Wikinomics blog (2009)

A conversation about Wikipedia with the co-founder

Charlie Rose interviewing Jimmy Wales; 14:02min (2007)

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What open access research can do for Wikipedia - What open access research can do for Wikipedia by John Willinsky (2007)
This study examines the degree to which Wikipedia entries cite or reference research and scholarship, and whether that research and scholarship is generally available to readers. Working on the assumption that where Wikipedia provides links to research and scholarship that readers can readily consult, it increases the authority, reliability, and educational quality of this popular encyclopedia, this study examines Wikipedia’s use of open access research and scholarship, that is, peer-reviewed journal articles that have been made freely available online. This study demonstrates among a sample of 100 Wikipedia entries, which included 168 sources or references, only two percent of the entries provided links to open access research and scholarship. However, it proved possible to locate, using Google Scholar and other search engines, relevant examples of open access work for 60 percent of a sub-set of 20 Wikipedia entries. The results suggest that much more can be done to enrich and enhance this encyclopedia’s representation of the current state of knowledge. To assist in this process, the study provides a guide to help Wikipedia contributors locate and utilize open access research and scholarship in creating and editing encyclopedia entries.

Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia - Assessing the value of cooperation in Wikipedia by Dennis M. Wilkinson and Bernardo A. Huberman (2007)
Between 2001 and 2007, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has accumulated 6.40 million articles and 250 million edits, contributed in a predominantly undirected and haphazard fashion by 5.77 million unvetted volunteers. Despite the apparent lack of order, the 50 million edits by 4.8 million contributors to the 1.5 million articles in the English–language Wikipedia follow strong certain overall regularities. We show that the accretion of edits to an article is described by a simple stochastic mechanism, resulting in a heavy tail of highly visible articles with a large number of edits. We also demonstrate a crucial correlation between article quality and number of edits, which validates Wikipedia as a successful collaborative effort.


  Superb book  The World and Wikipedia: How we are editing reality - The latest book dealing with the Wikipedia Phenomenon. Hardcover: 256 pages; Publisher: Siduri Books (2009)
  Superb book  Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything - Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams on the impact of mass collaboration on business and technology (2007)

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